Hand Car Wash

Hand Car Wash Prices
From 35Quick Wash
Hand wash & dry, door jambs, interior vacuum (including trunk), clean windows, dress interior and tires
From 60Wash and Wax
Hand wash & dry, road tar & bug removal, door jambs, wheels and tires cleaned and dressed, top surfaces clayed, hand wax, windows cleand in/out
Car Wash

Why Hand Wash?

Hand washing means that no friction based mechanical equipment ever touches your car. Eliminate the harsh brush marks, scratches, and hard water streaks caused by automated car washes. Take advantage of a personalized car wash for an affordable price without risking damage to your chrome or non factory-installed equipment.

Restore your vehicle's original luster at Mike's Detail Shop. Our 100% hand wash process is the safe and environmentally friendly. Your car is safeguarded with: soft lamb's wool mittens, pH balanced shampoo and conditioners, soft water rinse and detergents, and 100% cotton towels.

Full Service Hand Wash Includes

  • Full professional exteriour hand wash
  • Door jambs
  • Interior vacuuming
  • Dash, console, interior whindows cleaned
  • Liqid wax
  • Tire treatment

Commercial vehicles and oversized vehicles welcome. Please contact us for details.